Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Neuroplasticity # 2. Brain - brain gymnastics..

Brain exercises from BrainHQ.
                        I finally splurged and bought a one month trial subscription to the above.  With the trial about to expire I thought I better consult with my wife to see if any improvement in my cognition had taken place.
                      "Do you notice any improvement in my mental functioning since I've been doing these exercises?" I asked hopefully.
                         She looked up from her New York Times crossword puzzle, obviously preoccupied.
She gave me that sort of smile women most often bestow on their children.
                        "Of course, dear,"  she agreed with whatever it was I was requesting and then was back in the depths of Lexicon Land.  I tried to subtly sound out a couple of others who are near and dear to me.  They thought I was joking (or crazy).  As I had only been doing these exercises for less than a month and as I hadn't been doing them quite as often as recommended I decided to convert my month long subscription into an annual one (at a greatly reduced cost, of course -I'm getting smart already!).  That would be a more reliable assessment and who knows, I  may be a genius by then.  
                          In terms of improvement so far, I have noticed that I  am not losing my car keys any more frequently than before, I have not forgotten my name or telephone number and I can even remember the license plate number of my car (most of the time!)  So I am definitely not getting any worse.   I do seem to be getting a bit better at rising to  the challenges the program throws at me, but that might just be that I am getting used to them, in  much  the same way as one does with a videogame.
                          Over the next few months, I'll keep you informed - if I don't forget!



    1. Your article is sound and I think the improving score one tends to get is due to getting better at the 'game'. That being said, and purely subjectively, it does seem to focus attention and as the games speed up to hone some observation and memory skills. It's quite fun so I'll try to keep on playing for a few months, but having many interests I'm finding it difficult to find the time!