Joe Lofaro/Metro Misbahuddin Ahmed, 30, walks to the Ottawa courthouse Wednesday, May 14, 2014, to face trial on terrorism-related charges.
"Whatever Misbahuddin Ahmed’s intentions were for the bomb-making materials in the President’s Choice grocery bag found in his apartment, he still knew they would be turned into explosives, a Crown lawyer argued on Monday.
That grocery bag was part of the debate at the sentencing hearing for the 30-year-old former Ottawa Hospital technician. It was his first day back in court since a jury found him guilty of conspiring to knowingly facilitate a terrorist activity and participate in the activities of a terrorist group."
            His mentor, Mohammad Alizadeh  was recorded sayin this: 
           “If Allah wills, we will break their backs in their own country,” he was caught saying in Ottawa, on a wiretap, before his 2010 arrest.
               My major concern about this is that our hospitals/ health care system seem incompetent to adequately screen the individuals they employ.  'Political correctness' should not be the only factor considered.  I think  we need to be more careful  in  investigating who we hire to look after the sick  in Canada.