Thursday, 7 September 2017

Stop Whining about Health Care, Canada!

   I'm tired of listening to people who once enjoyed one of the best health care systems in the world and threw it away, whinging and whining about a health care system that is nosediving into the ground.  Despite its deterioration and being near the bottom of the standards for the developed world, Canadians are getting better health care than they deserve on the backs of Physicians and other health care workers who have managed to maintain standards that are surprisingly high considering the manner in which the politicians and their administridiots have treated them.   I know many physicians, folks who went into  medicine to do good and certainly not to make money, who dedicated their considerable talents to helping people (as corny as that may seem to  today's  LWLs), who are rightly disillusioned by today's attitudes.  No wonder they think that they have to put their children and families before their job, a mistake that many of my generation foolishly failed to recognize.  No wonder they feel demoralized by a government and  a public, who don't bother to think that they don't have a pension, like the over subsidized and over unionized teachers group and auto workers, many of whom get much more than they deserve.  No wonder that they resent that they have no benefits, no sick leave, no safety nets but are expected to continue to provide the exceptional  health services that Canadians have come to expect as the 'rights' the government promised them.
    Doctors are demoralized and so they should be.  When they find that even their patients, who many had come to regard as friends begrudge them a decent living, well, what do you expect?   Why should they get up at three o'clock in  the morning?   Go to the ER, whatever you get is good enough for you.  Why don't you call your parliamentary representative (who, by the way, gets quite different health care than you!)
   And you re-elect them.
   Maybe you deserve exactly what you get.  Maybe you are getting better than you deserve!
   And the decline accelerates!
   Good Luck!

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