Tuesday, 13 December 2016

And Justice for All - including doctors.

   "No trial but doctor is guilty, judge rules"

   That's a headline in the National  Post today.  it goes on to state that this is probably a first in a class action law suit against a doctor.  The doctor in question had a very high infection rate and was very likely guilty of negligence, but surely everyone is entitled to due process?  There was no allegation of malicious intent. After all, no one would deny that even a murderer caught in flagrante is entitled to a trial.  The lawyer goes on to gloat that this is a victory against the Canadian Medical Protective Association for 'too vigorously' defending the doctors.  He mistakenly claims that the CMPA is largely tax-payer funded. It is not, it is funded by people like me, the physicians who hope they will never have to use their service.  Why does it not shock me that a lawyer would like to deny a group due process.  If this was suggested for any other group he'd be outraged. 
   The animosity against  physicians in recent years is alarming.  There is no condoning negligence but society's rules must be applied equally to all.  The 'Elites' are determined to control health care.  They must first subjugate physicians.   God help us all!!

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  1. Yes, our healthcare system has become something of a dystopian nightmare for those of us who are careproviders.We and our system have fallen prey to ruthless and unethical profiteers and opportunists,namely lawyers, and tier upon tier of administrators.In the end none of them come up with solutions or aide for our ailing health care system-they just wear each prosecution of a health care provider like a feather in their cap with no other objective than to achieve monetary gain for themselves, thus further bleeding our sytem dry