Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Family Medicine Curriculum. A Letter to my doctor.

   I recently sent this letter to my doctor whom I have known and appreciated for many years.  I sent it because I  think she should know how resources are wasted and how a procedure well within the scope of any family doctor was being referred on to a specialist by a family medicine resident who should have known how to punch biopsy a small lesion and if she didn't should have been taught to do it on the spot by her preceptor. A ten minute procedure.  Instead, a costly consultation was to be set up over a year away.   It is time to re-visit the core curriculum of family medicine.
Dear *****
   Hope you are keeping well.  This note is just for your information to make a point about our rapidly dissipating health care industry, regarding which I frequently blog.
   About two months ago I came in with a small lesion on my ear which was bleeding and not healing.  Unable to convince your very pleasant resident to punch biopsy it, she suggested a consultation with an ENT specialist.  
   Having heard nothing after a month I phoned in, still no word about even approximately how long the appointment might take.  Yesterday, well after two months I got a call from your office telling me Dr ENT, after triaging the request said she could fit me in over a year.  Hard to believe this was not a joke!
   Meanwhile I had this dealt with  ( it took ten minutes or less).  Without having met her, I find Dr. ENTs attitude on taking over two months to inform me she could not see me for over a year, inconsiderate at the least.  I could go on, because I really think the procedure was well within the scope of an average GP, but I don't want to sound like the old curmudgeon that I am.
   I hope you are not upset by this letter, but I think you need to know about it.
   Regards as always,
     I never did get a reply to this letter and I choose to think it must be because it got lost in cyberspace.  


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