Monday, 26 September 2016

Health Care Hypocrites.

   The folks really put up with too much bullshit from the so-called 'elites'.    Unfortunately, the 'elites' have managed to convince the folks, through some magic I don't understand, that they are looking out for them, when really they are looking out for themselves.  Take the 'two-tiered system' that they are always telling the electorate will result in their getting a lesser quality of care.  They know perfectly well that they are lying and that the politicians and the administridiots have been enjoying a two tiered system for a longer time than I remember, and I'm over eighty.  They hang onto this benefit come hell or high water and all  their civil service satraps enjoy a greater or a less degree of the benefits as supplementary (i.e. tier #2) health care.  Why, those benefits are so valuable that a disgraced senator who had been abusing her expense account whined most piteously at the loss of her special health care benefits that would have put her in the same category as the poor one tiered slobs.  So our government and their employees will defend the so-called one tiered system, to the last drop of your blood as long as their privileges are maintained.   And just in case you think this is hurting the rich, it ain't. They can go private by slipping across the border or to a list of countries where the health care is as good or better than Canada's failing system.  
   In the lower levels of the civil service, in teaching establishments and Universities, those tier-2 privileges are already being whittled away.  A friend of mine was voicing her dissatisfaction recently regarding the fact as soon as she became a 'geriatric' (reached 65) her extended benefits cut back in favour of the public drug plan,  Until reaching that age her drug plan paid all her prescription fees and the mandatory first $100 that she now has to pay herself.  So, in fact, the government penalized her for reaching the grand old age of 65.    She, being a woman of action, tried to call her member of parliament, but they didn't want to know.  She was told: "That's the way it is."  End of conversation.
   So, if the government is totally committed to the Canada Health Act, let them lead by example and do away with all the special benefits associated with being 'the Peoples Servants' and let them have the benefits the Canada Health Act makes available to each and every citizen and nothing more.  
   Don't hold your breath! 

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