Wednesday, 27 August 2014

E-cigarette & The WHO.

       Has the WHO Gone crazy? They would like to put a ban on using E-cigarettes indoors.   Water vapour must have it's risks, but surely it isn't as dangerous as those plastic water bottles that everyone is drinking out of these days, when there is perfectly safe water in the tap.  What about all those chemicals leeching out of the plastic that they are drinking and feeding to their kids?  Especially after they have been cooking in the car on a hot summers day. (Unfortunately, sometimes the kids as well.)
      They have even expressed concerns about second hand watervapour!
     And does it not seem strange in an era when the inhalation of marijuana seems more acceptable than water vapour? 
       I don't think anyone would deny that cigarette smoking or marijuana smoking is much more damaging than sucking on an E-cigarette, some of which don't even have any nicotine in them.  
       The WHO must have more important things to do than nit pick and witch hunt over a group of adults who chose to try to give up smoking for a less harmful habit.  If not we are wasting an awful lot of money.  And since new smokers these days come from the ranks of teenagers perhaps they may be choosing a less harmful alternative.
       Life will never be risk free and while we must monitor what we ingest and inhale and try to prevent harmful substances from being disseminated, lets treat adults like adults.  A WHO police force is exactly what we don't need!

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