Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Time to consider the victims!

           Three RCMP officers were killed and two wounded by a worse than worthless piece of humanity who set out to "bag himself some cops". I really think we need to re-institute the death penalty.
           In my young days, I was a physician to the RCMP and for years looked after Regina RCMP establishment, one of the two major training centres in Canada.   One of my responsibilities was doing physicals on prospective recruits and then looking after them during their tough training period. ( I have written an amusing piece about that elsewhere). During many years of association with the Force, I was almost always impressed with the quality and dedication of these young men.
          Many of them had wanted to be RCMP officers since they were in school. Most of these men (and now women) know they may be putting their lives on the line.
           So, when I read about Justin Bourque coming out of his hole, unarmed, with his hands up and saying "I am done", I knew it was time to bring back the death penalty.
           Three young police officers have been deprived of their lives, two more seriously injured, family and children deprived of father and husband, and I grieve for them, while this monster will lead a rather comfortable life in the relative luxury of a modern Canadian prison.

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