Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Brain Games

                      I'm not going  to bore you with the physiology of  neuroplasticity, you can google or Youtube that , if you feel so  inclined.    I just want to get on the trail of the means by which we can protect, enrich, fortify and increase the capacity of the three pounds of gelatinous genius that resides in its bony crypt in our  heads, before its too late.   So I took the usual route and found my way to POSIT, which  listed a number of programs, thence to which looked like the best of  the  bunch.
                      As soon  as I  went to the site Brain HQ informed me that if I  registered I would be eligible to work on some free exercises that would "sharpen your visual precision and expand your field of  view".  I noted that there were specific groups of  exercises  directed at different  aspects of  brain function.  For instance, I could direct my efforts at any or all of the  following: attention, brain speed, memory, people skills, intelligence and navigation.  All of the above are available for $14 for  a month or $8 a month if you  sign  up for a year ($96).  The free exercises I took consisted of remembering the position in the sky of one of a group of birds flashed on a screen.  This became increasingly complex as one progressed through the tests and if  one stuck with it, one certainly became more proficient.  Whether that proves anything other than practice makes perfect,  is impossible to say, nor would it be fair to expect it to with just a demonstration program.
                       It would probably be worthwhile looking around at a few other such programs before deciding which is  best to enroll in to give it a real trial.  So I am going to do that and try to decide which  is the  best program  to save my  brain and who knows, turn me into a genius!

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