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Peer contagion and Gender Bending.

Gender Bending and Peer contagion

 Peer contagion (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) refers to the "mutual influence that occurs between an individual and a peer", and "includes behaviors and emotions that potentially undermine one's own development or cause harm to others".[1] Peer contagion refers to the transmission or transfer of deviant behavior from one adolescent to another. It can take many forms, including aggression, bullying, weapon carrying, disordered eating, drug use and depression.[1] It can happen in natural settings where peer dealings occur as well as in intervention and education programs.  Awareness of influence is uncommon and it is often not intentional. Rather,"they engage in relationship behaviors that satisfy immediate needs for an audience or companionship" unintentionally.[1] Many processes of peer contagion have been suggested, including deviancy training.  Recent research has suggested that youth who are treated together for anti-social behavior may experience negative effects through deviancy training which occurs when peers reinforce each other for delinquent or aggressive behavior with the result that the 'group therapy' has the opposite affect to that intended.
  When I was physician to a Corrections Canada maximum security institution, I was sometimes surprised by the rapidity with which something I prescribed for an inmate (not allowed to use that nasty non-PC word any more!) was requested by a group of inmates who attended a subsequent clinic.  I am not particularly referring to drugs of addiction or indeed any drug at all, sometimes it could be for a knee brace or a tennis elbow splint or most frequently a particular type of footwear.  The aggressiveness of the requests was sometimes threatening.  So, when I read Dr. Lisa Littman's  (Brown University) paper entitled "Rapid-onset gender dysphoria in adolescents and young adults: a study of parental reports", and saw peer contagion addressed as a serious perpetuator of the problem, I knew she was on the right track.
   The entire paper is available on line free.  It is well worth reading and makes it clear that sensible well-balanced parents who resist this sort of medical abuse exercised on children are under attack by the aggressive Lunies of the Left as is Dr. Littman.
   In this study 256 parents completed a survey, the details of which are available.  The disorder predominantly affects females (82.8%) and the mean age was 16.4 years. Many of the young adult group (62.5%) had been diagnosed with at least one mental health disorder or neurodevelopmental disability prior to the onset of their gender dysphoria.  The internet and social networks provide a rich forum for transgender identification and encouragement to "come out". Their range of behaviors included expressing distrust of non-transgender people, stopping spending time with non-transgender friends (i.e. normal people), trying to isolate themselves from their families and only trusting information about gender dysphoria from transgender sources.
   The American Psychology Association (APA) Task  Force on the treatment of gender identity disorder notes that adolescents with gender dysphoria  'should be screened carefully for any disorder such as schizophrenia, mania, psychotic depression that may produce gender confusion. 
   Unfortunately, many health care providers including physicians have abandoned their professional vows in favour of political correctness and are encouraging 'social engineers' to undermine the commonsense precepts of normalcy.
   The decline accelerates.

Addendum.  Britain's Royal Academy, one of the ultimate arbiters of artistic merit is to ensure that its next exhibition of nudes has an equal gender split of naked men and women.  How politically incorrect !  What about gays, trans, lesbians etc. etc?
It would make me laugh if I wasn't crying!!

So what do you think,if anything? 

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