Friday, 10 August 2018

Canadian Medical Scavaging.

  The recent decision of the Saudi-Arabian government to withdraw funding of students being educated in Canada, although not admirable, is certainly understandable.  The present Canadian Government, lead by a multimillionaire capitalist pretending to be a socialist, trading on his father's name and who has never had a productive job, is a poor recommendation for the intellect of the less than half of the Canadian population, who voted for him and his wealthy elites.  He hopes to continue to buy power, and it is all about power, by changing the electorate of Canada.  His millionaire socialist father, and his millionaire socialist cronies, knew well that the way to fool the poor and needy and many others is to pretend to give them all they need, courtesy of the hardworking and creative segments of our society, that lifted us and them out of the poverty that was so ubiquitous in previous generations.  Scientists and physicians were penalized for their efforts and as a result many have undergone a fundamental attitude change.
   The withdrawal of many postgraduates in medically related fields won't go without consequences.  Students and residents play a much greater part in keeping the health care system running than most people realize.  In addition, foreign governments pay the Canadian government substantial sums of money above and beyond what it costs to train their residents.  We are not doing it out of the goodness of our hearts!
   Canada, as well as Britain and the U.S. have a shameful history of scavenging second and third world countries for their badly needed newly qualified physicians, not because we need them, but because it is cheaper than training our own.  In addition, they are much more easily controlled by the  University hierarchy, because they have control over the licensure of Foreign Medical  Graduates.   Incidentally, even the term 'Foreign Medical Graduate' is deemed politically  incorrect today.  I can  comment on  this because I am one!  Now the term is 'respectabilised' into INTERNATIONAL Medical Graduate.  They vary in quality from excellent to dangerous and often are not very carefully screened before being given positions in our health care system..
   Anyway the FMGs are at the mercy of the  University, who can pull their license if  they don't do as they are told!  They are certainly much more easily manipulated than Canadian graduates.   I was a medical educator for much of my life.  I know!
   For once our tweeting Foreign Minister got the message right as to how foreign countries should correct their deplorable human rights record but has done serious damage to the resources of the health care System in Canada and to the economy.  In our declining health care system which was only capable of giving mediocre care to citizens even before the intake of thousands of immigrants, the loss of funding and manpower resulting from the present fiasco can only do more damage. 
   Let's hope the Liberal  government puts their money where their mouths are and that Canadian health care is not going to accelerate its already rapid decline.  This government will not even allow Canadians to spend their own money in quest of better health care, without leaving the country.
   The government's first job is to look after the people who are paying their salaries. 
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