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Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. (ROGD).
    I've dealt with many strange disorders in my fifty-five years of medical practice, both physical and mental.  In most instance the medical and allied health care professions were helpful in bringing some degree of relief and comfort even in those that they could not cure.  Occasionally we made things worse,  through lack of knowledge or understanding but most of those errors were well intentioned blunders and were quickly remedied as soon as they were recognized. 
   But that was before Politically Correct Disorientation Disease (PCDD) became endemic in our society and the PCU (Political Crimes Unit) established Common Sense as one of the most dangerous and heinous crimes.
   The latest addition to the new encyclopedia of potentially fatal non-diseases is:
 Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria.  This disease was invented by a seriously disturbed group of so-called health care workers, including, I am ashamed to say physicians, who interpreted children's play at being the opposite sex (Am  I even allowed to say that?) as a serious disease to be taken seriously.  This normal phase in maturation was recognized by most normal parents for what it was and cured by nature by coursing testosterone through boys and estrogen through girls until they were ready to reproduce.
   There is no doubt that in some families,the roost is ruled by the children and the guidance that normal parents give their children is subjugated to the will of the child.    When a group of adults such as school teachers, social workers, including some health care workers undermine parents instead of supporting them, we truly have a recipe for disaster, both for the children and for society.  I will leave it up to you to arrive at your own conclusions as to the political motivations that underlie this.  
  Lisa Littman, a researcher at  Brown University recently published study entitled "Rapid-onset Gender Dysphoria in adolescents and young adults: A study of parental reports".  The report explores "the psycho-social context of youth who have recently identified as trans-gender with a focus on vulnerabilities, co-morbidities, peer group interactions and social media use."
   This study is of particular interest because it deals with adolescents and young adults, whereas most of the trans-gender literature deals with children.   ROGD is identified by some as a new disorder because it starts after puberty with no previous indication of confusion or unhappiness.  The study indicates a high incidence of internet and peer-group influence and it affects mostly teen-age girls within a group, who 'come-out' together.  A high percentage of these girls report heightened popularity, while parents report worse relationships and worse mental health.  There are groups that deliberately plot to undermine parental authority and to vilify those who try to protect their children from what many informed parents and physicians consider to be a particularly dangerous and malignant form of child abuse.  The extreme damage perpetrated by such groups seems to be advocated predominantly by Left Wing Loonies, whose objective seems to be to destroy the role of the nuclear family in preventing society from destroying itself.  This is in order to denigrate all social values that would impair their objective of 'instant gratification' as the goal of human existence.   
   I haven't yet completed my study of Ms Littman's erudite article, but you can be sure that when I do, you will hear from me. 
   I can remember 'dressing up' as a girl when I was a kid.  It was great fun!  I can't remember a single person recommending surgery or even hormone injections.    



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