Sunday, 17 June 2018

O Cannabis, our own our native plant..............

   As the LWLs of the Liberal establishment demean the once-great nation of Canada and turn a population descended from hardy, hard-working pioneers who worked a harsh frigid  rocky land into, if not a paradise, at least an honorable, prosperous nation where almost everyone who was prepared to work made a decent, comfortable living.   Those who through fate or misfortune couldn't or wouldn't work had a safety-net, which although modest would allow them to live and eat and have some form of shelter.  Not enough, perhaps, but more than many of their parents and grandparents could have hoped for.
The pioneers were tough but they made sure that the next generation of Canadians would be better off.
   The plan for the future somehow went astray.  After only a generations or two, the recipients of the benefits that their forebears bestowed upon them began to feel entitled to receive benefits that they had done little to deserve.   In addition, some began to think of the achievements of their parents and grandparents as somehow dishonorable, although that never prevented them from enjoying the benefits.  They began to believe that the extraordinary efforts of their parents and grandparents really meant nothing because it was at the expense of 'others'.   Meanwhile, they did not feel that the personal benefits that they themselves enjoyed were actually criminal, because they 'cared'; they apologized; they did everything they could without sacrificing any of the comforts they enjoyed.  They were working for the cause.  They were 'noble', virtuous, ready to apologize for the sacrifices that their forbears made to ensure their security and comfort.  They ameliorate their guilt for benefits they enjoy every day by sticking it to the hardworking taxpayer, who are dumb enough to pay for them.  These crybabies need 'safe-spaces' to cower in and recover from the micro-aggressions inflicted upon them.  An innocent comment can send them into a paroxysm of rage and hatred towards those who disagree with them. 
     And what do these LWLs have in store for Canada. Now they revel in the prospect that Canada is about to compete with the worlds major marijuana drug and perhaps other drug pushersCanada is already being labelled as the 'world's number one Cannabis exporter.    
     It is not the Canada I emigrated to!! 
     Apart from the financial rewards to the Treasury which will surely be generous, it is appalling that a government can be so indifferent to the safety of its citizens, that it can allow the legislation to proceed before there are methods available to safeguard the roads, the construction sites, the school zones, the workplace for its citizens. 
     The technology exists to monitor impairment and is  gaining momentum.  Unfortunately, the dollar signs take precedence over public safety in a political setting where irresponsible profligacy has been the rule.

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