Friday, 9 February 2018

Private Health Care in Canada.

Private Health Care in Canada. 
   It's been coming and coming ...and coming and in reality it's here!  Of course it has been here in various shapes and forms for a long time, but it keeps its head down and is careful to keep  low  profile.  If you think politicians and the growing armies of administridiots subservient to them deal with the same obstacles that you and I do, you are just a plain old-fashioned fool.  When the CEO of a  hospital intervenes on behalf of one his political masters, do you think he waits six weeks for an appointment?  But when people want to make health care more available by being prepared to invest their money in the health care system, either by co-insurance or direct payment  (which ultimately would benefit everyone) and which most developed countries do, it is strictly prohibited.   Why?   There are a number of reasons but prime among them is the realization that the public will come to realize a little more rapidly than otherwise the disaster that our health care system has become.  The Canada Health Act, is responsible for our decline from being the finest example of heath care among the developed nations to the very bottom of that list.  We have been in decline for a long time and all the political planners have done is to generate myriads of committees, each generation try to undo some of the damage that their predecessors have done, while holding onto their jobs, benefits and pensions.  At the moment the only threat to their self-replicating dynasties are the real health care workers, the ones who provide the service and thus know about health care.  They must be dis-empowered and subjugated at all costs.  Governments have been quite successful in achieving this goal, but some of the folks are waking up!
   So, when I opened my junk mail this morning I was not surprized to see a very pretty pamphlet entitled:
                                      Love Yourself

                      Advanced Medical Group
               Nourishing Body, Mind & Spirit. 
                              One of the subheadings reads:  
                          Timely access
                      Day surgery and outpatient procedures:
    Ophthalmology, Vascular Surgery, Otolaryngology,       Oral Surgery and General Surgery.
                Available for early scheduling.

   It goes on to deal with various health related issues including dental, dietary, diabetic, dermatology, nutrition, physical fitness and obesity.  Seniors care including short and long term suites are available.
   This is the first time I have seen these sort of services openly advertised in our city, though I have seen the 'Pot Pusher Docs' advertise.  The government doesn't mind that, though I'll be watching carefully to see how aggressively they will react to the challenge to their health care dictatorship.   After all, they wouldn't want the folks to wonder why all these readily available services are illegitimate under the Canada Health Act!!  
(I haven't checked this service so this is just the information, not a recommendation.)

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