Sunday, 17 December 2017

Transgender -another gender bender!

   CBC was recently scheduled to go on the air with a BBC documentary program entitled "Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?".   Unbelievably, the Cowardly Broadcasting Corporation cancelled the program mere hours before it was to be broadcast.  This apparently was because a group of Snowflake Loonies thought the public were too  stupid to see a program and judge for themselves whether they considered a program produced by the  BBC (no neophytes when it comes to presenting investigatory documentaries!) was "transphobic" and "harmful".  That the CBC, funded by taxpayers dollars should take it upon themselves to  change their programming to accommodate what they describe as "transgender activists" is unacceptable and insulting to the Canadian public.  One of the aspects of the program that these unqualified morons take exception to is the argument that some children diagnosed as  transgender may simply be suffering from treatable mental health  issues.   Read this outrageous statement by Joshua Ferguson, a 'trans filmmaker':
"it disseminates inaccurate information about trans youth and gender dysphoria and will feed transphobia."  (Sounds like another phobia we've all been accused of by the LWLs!)
   Although an investigation by the BBC had deemed the film to be impartial the feckless wimps of the CBC removed it from its schedule after receiving some complaints from 'social media'.  I remember when CBC was there precisely to air such issues and debate both sides of the discussion.  Now, its objective is  to suppress  free speech around this grossly politicized topic.  
   Dr. Kenneth Zucker, used to  head up Toronto's Gender Identity Clinic.  He was a critic of the 'gender affirmative approach',in which parents and health advisors fully support a child's wish  to change gender identity. He also asserted that 80% of children exhibiting gender dysphoria become comfortable with their bodies after they grow up.  For his efforts, Dr. Zucker's clinic was disbanded and he was fired.
Another Gender-Bender! 

 By the way, one of the reasons for CBC's dumping the film may have been that the BBC's film was filmed largely in Canada.  Maybe CBC couldn't cope with that.  The fact that the CBC takes it upon itself to be the arbiter of what the Canadian public is sufficiently mature to evaluate is alarming.  Even more alarming is  that they are encouraging the politicization of an issue which interferes with a parents ability to raise their children in  the way they think best and will have a vital impact upon our children.  The 'Activists' even go further with allegations that parents are negligent if they reject the 'gender affirmative' approach.
   As a transgender from Ottawa said, "There's nothing wrong with being a boy.  It's just that I don't enjoy being a boy!
   Gimme a break!!

If you have any views on this important topic - share them!

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