Sunday, 24 December 2017

Drug Pushers - of a different kind!

Drug pushers of a different kind!  (But not all that different.)

   The amazing irresponsibility of our government and its administridiots is not difficult to explain.  They are well aware that the consequences of legalized recreational marijuana are just beginning to be scientifically examined and that they look significant.   On the other hand, they are drooling at the huge pot of money they are sitting on.  Particularly in Ontario, where the Liberal government has turned what used to be the economic engine of Canada into a 'have-not' province, is the enthusiasm great.  Not only may they realize a significant financial treasure, but they may be able to keep the Mal-contents a little happier and win their  vote.  (In fact, an accountant I respect assures me there is a good chance that the governmental drug pushers of Ontario may be the first drug pushers in history to lose money!) 
   A Canada Health survey,the Canadian Cannabis Survey, 2017, reveals some interesting facts.  The survey included 9215 respondents recruited from randomly selected telephone numbers (landline and mobile).   Of particular interest and relevance was the attitudes of responses to driving among the marijuana users.  Only half of the respondents who had used marijuana in  the past year felt that marijuana use affects driving.  Twenty-four per cent said 'it depends' and nineteen per cent said it doesn't affect driving at all.  Of those who had used marijuana in the last twelve months, thirty-nine percent said they had driven within two hours of its consumption.  Forty per cent said they had done so in the previous thirty days and fifteen per cent said they had driven after using cannabis in association with alcohol.  Concerns about how to detect and deal with this are high, particularly as blood tests are necessary to make the diagnosis and the levels defining intoxication are arbitrary.  The Public Safety Minister says," The message is simple - don't drive high!"  I'm sure the pot users are listening!   Fortunately pot breathalyzers are in development and being assessed for reliability, as well as ignition control devices that will disable cars if the driver does not pass the test. (Cannabix Technologies Inc)  This will enable police to be able to test at the roadside and employers to check in hazardous workplaces.
   So, what's the hurry?  The urgency is that both the provincial and federal Liberals want the votes.  If another few die on the highway - too bad.
  Those pushing for the legalization of medical marijuana in 2018 should carefully study the document "the Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado: The Impact"  published in October 2017 by the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (  They might learn something.


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