Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Marijuana - Damage control.

   The lunacy of legalized recreational marijuana is almost upon us.  Reality forces us to accept that that is what a sizeable proportion of the public want and that is what the government want.  The public want it to help them to feel good, to  help them believe a host of things that are difficult to  believe, without a euphoric stimulant.  The government has more realistic goals.  First and foremost is the cash grab that drives pushers to push, second is the votes it wins them and third is the advantages they derive by keeping as much of the public as they can dumbed down.  Not to mention that many of  the 'elites' are consummate drug users themselves.
   One of the major concerns voiced at many levels has been the concern that road safety will deteriorate and the difficulty in discerning the degree of driver impairment in suspected cases of marijuana related accidents, will make offenders difficult to identify.  There is some good news for those with such concerns.  A company named Cannabix Technologies Inc., has developed marijuana breathalyzer technology and has filed several patents related to breathalyzer analysis for law enforcement and the workplace.  Some of the devices are for a marijuana ignition interlock device.  A marijuana Ignition Interlock Device ('IID') requires a driver to blow into a device installed in the car. The driver has to blow into the analyzer to confirm that he is not so loaded with marijuana that he is unfit to drive.  If he is so loaded that he is unfit to drive, the vehicle will  not start.   With regard to alcohol, an IID has been a requirement for drivers convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs for some time. Some families are voluntarily choosing to install  Ignition Interlock Systems in their vehicles as a precaution against  family members or friends driving under the influence. In our climate, a stabilizing component that is consistent in cold as well as humid  temperatures has been tested and seems to work well.
   Cannabix Technologies seems to be developing the technology to enable law enforcement agencies and workplace safety organizations to monitor traffic and workplace drug abuse.
   May they succeed in their efforts for everyone's sake.

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