Tuesday, 17 October 2017

From the Land of Milk and Honey to the land of pot and drugs!

Canada and cannabals.

Oh cannabis! Oh Cannabals!
From a land of milk and honey to the the Land of Pot and Drugs.
At last Canada is  beginning to get the recognition she deserves.  At last the LWLs are managing to shake our reputation as a dull, staid, hardworking, law abiding, fair, polite population descended from rugged pioneers who braved the harsh Canadian elements to make a future for themselves and their families.  They expected and got no hand-outs but family and friends and other pioneers were always there.  No snowflakes there, no whiners for 'safe space' in case someone might hurt their feelings.  No political correctness.  They did what they had to do and built this great country into what it is today,  or rather what it was until recently.  Then along came a rich boy, with great inherited wealth, posing as a crusader for the middle classes, who never had a proper job. He and his wealthy right hand man introduced tax measures that they made sure to shelter themselves from, while recklessly spending our tax dollars.  Even the health care system matters little to them as long as it doesn't cost them too many votes.  We are at the bottom of the list as far as health care is concerned.  Do they care?  Not a bit as long as it doesn't cost them votes.  I don't want to be repetitious, read my blogs if you want to know more about that.
   One area  in which they are successful is in making Canada, a nation which already has a critical drug addiction problem and alarming statistics regarding narcotics morbidity and mortality, into a drug haven.  Our Trans-National drug smuggling operations are gaining fame and just recently four young Canadians were arrested in Australia and pleaded guilty to smuggling commercial quantities of cocaine.  These crooks crossed all social barriers, one of them being a graduate of the renowned Ivy Business College here in London, Ontario. 
   ‎ Meanwhile, our liberal government is wasting no time in preparing their drug peddling future and making sure they have the monopoly in pot dealing for recreational drug abuse.  They will take in millions and so will a small group of unscrupulous doctors who are  doing that already.  Action from the College of Physicians and Surgeons? Not a word. Shameful!
   ‎ It is no surprise then that the government is getting into the  drug business.  Apart from the millions they will make, it helps them to win votes from a certain type of individual. In addition a stoned population is likely to be much less aware, let alone critical of what's going on.  It embarrasses me that my profession stands by, like a group of lobotomized fopdoodles.
   ‎So let's just carry on and become a land of pot and opioids.  

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