Saturday, 5 August 2017

Put the clown in the pot.

   Since the clown has already put the Pot in himself, I think it is time for Canada to put the clown in the pot.  The clown to whom I am referring is, of course, the PM.  He knows, that the best chance of re-election is to keep his supporters as 'happy' as possible and he knows that with a good suck of pot, his followers will be almost as happy as he is.  Most of them won't follow the damage he is doing as long as he keeps entertaining them with with his circus and feeding them marijuana. The Romans called it
'Panem et circenses', which literally translates to 'Bread and circuses', the implication being that if you feed them and entertain them, the masses don't care about much else.  We're different only in that we want more, instead of bread and circuses, we want pot and circuses.  In that way we can delude ourselves into believing that not only do we deserve all we can get, but that we are 'noble' in our objective of supporting everyone to be just as stoned as we are.  Put in charge an elite with a 'name', who inherited his mother's good looks, but unfortunately not his father's brain and you will understand why Canada is on the decline, not a gentle gradual decline, but a disastrous precipitous decline that pains me just to think about.  Like the Spitfires in 'Dunkirk', the Canada we knew and the one I emigrated to will be no more.  Tarek Fatah, explained all this to the Canadian Senate recently and responded to the unmitigated gall and naive effrontery of Senator Grant Mitchell, whose comments made it is difficult to understand how an egotistical ignoramus of this caliber qualifies for my tax dollars.  
  Drug addiction in Canada continues to be a huge and growing problem.  Despite this, Tricky Trudeau still intends to legalize pot.  Premier Brian Pallister of Manitoba said the following, " It's time to take a deep breath and put pot on the back burner for an extra year."  He is trying to persuade the provincial premiers at their annual conference to ask Trudeau to delay the legalization.   He raised question about traffic safety, physical and mental health impacts and concerns re detection levels in stoned drivers.   Most of the Premiers seem to be in agreement.   Although it makes sense, is it likely to happen.  I think not, because the PM and his minions will see it as costing them votes and revenue, the two things they are really committed to.

In a report on persistent pot use, by several American universities, a University of California (Davis) news release showed that Cannabis was not safe for long term users. The study leader stated the following: " Our study showed that regular cannabis users experienced downward social mobility and more financial problems than those who did not puff persistently.   Regular long-term users," she continued,  "also had more anti-social behaviours at work, such as stealing money or lying to get a job and experienced more relationship difficulties such as intimate partner violence and controlling abuse."  
   Difficult to support legalizing such a drug for recreational use, but the Man-child PM likes his pot!

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