Thursday, 20 July 2017

This is how Canada treats its sick patriots.

   My close friend has been struggling with cancer for many years.  He's no cissie and I've rarely heard him complain.  He has been impressed by the care that all health care professional have given him, doctors, nurses, physio, investigatory facilities.  His attitude is upbeat, he has many interests and enjoys life and is determined to continue doing that for as long as he can.  Just yesterday, he had a scheduled check-up and was informed that he was no longer a candidate for further surgical interventions (he had many in the past) and that the options for further treatment were limited.  The best option, he was told by his cancer specialist would be a new pharmaceutical that would cost thousands of dollars a year and was not covered under any health care plan.
   My friend had volunteered for the Canadian Navy in WW2 and had served under perilous conditions for King and Country.  After the war, he continued to serve this country and after a period as a police officer here in Ontario, he worked in various sales positions.  He married, had five children and brought them up as fine, hardworking Canadians.  But, Ontario Health has decided that they won't underwrite his medication.  Our Federal Government has just rewarded a terrorist and murderer with an absolutely obscene amount from taxpayers money and a Canadian patriot is left to do what he can.
   You may have a word to describe that, I call it dispicable.  We need a government that cares about Canadians.  Trudeau must go.
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