Monday, 29 May 2017

Canada's Drug Culture.

  It was a nice sunny weekend afternoon and my wife and I were taking a walk past a crowded outdoor cafe where the students and young folk were having fun drinking coffee or beer or other cool drinks.  In a place where a couple of years ago pulling out a cigarette would have caused a riot, we noticed a few tables around the periphery where folks were smoking.  As we passed by one such table, I recognized that this was not any blend that I recognized from my smoking days. It was pot.  Not a single person was jumping up and down with rage, no one burst into a paroxysm of coughing, no one was complaining of the noxious effects of the slip stream exhalations, in fact no one seemed to notice at all.  It was quite like the old days. I almost felt nostalgic.  It was as though inhaling marijuana into one's lungs was harmless, even though there is no evidence that it is less harmful than tobacco.  Despite the millions of dollars and man-hours spent on smoking cessation programs with considerable success, there is a serious risk that now the liberal government is making smoking pot in public an option, that cigarette smoking and even (perish the thought!) the harmless practice of vaping will become fashionable.  Why, even the Prime Minister likes to take a little suck on his dubie once in a while, so it must be alright!
   Despite Canada's dismal record of drug addiction, and it is dismal, particularly among the youth, this government is doing tremendous damage to the population by perpetuating the notion that marijuana is harmless.  This flies in the face of the evidence, but the politicians and their administridiots really don't care about that.
   So, what do they care about?  That's easy.  They care about votes.  They care about taxes.  Make no mistake, there is going to be a fortune in this for the government.  Between taxing the legitimized dealers and the users, many of whom will become addicted, there will be huge sums of money shuffled into the treasury.  But most of all, they believe that a population of drug users will make a population that is traditionally difficult to handle, easier to manipulate and fit into the Great Social Engineering Scheme that the Elites are planning for you.  
   The permissive society will cost our nation dearly.
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