Thursday, 6 April 2017

Child Abuse - Normalization of abnormality by the liberal government.

Normalizing abnormality.  The devious social engineering of the Liberal government. 

   A short time ago I posted a note on face book regarding the outrageous sex education program for children proposed by the Left Wing Luneys of the provincial government and ultimately implemented by the government of the province.  The man under whose direction the curriculum was written is presently in jail for child pornography and pedophilia related crimes.
   I started talking to folks I know about this flagitious situation and to  my great surprise they had little or no knowledge of this situation at all.  Some looked askance at me, as though I had made the  whole thing up or as if I was some  sort of bigoted chauvinist.  Some knew there was some sort of sexual education in schools, but if I  inquired further, none had really looked into the situation.  As one person who had no idea of the content of the program said, "well I  suppose it is better than nothing, which is what I got."  But no, it isn't, misinformation is more dangerous than no information at all.
  So, let's take a look at the content of the program that our incompetent premier and her lwls think appropriate for our youngsters.
   Grade 1- age six: genitalia, naming the penis, vagina etc.  This is okay, though I certainly think it would be more appropriately taught by parents than by strangers whose background and qualifications are frequently questionable for one reason or another.

   Grade 3- age eight: GENDER IDENTITY THEORY.  
This is DEFINITELY not alright.  This is a political agenda supported and put forth by the the premier and those close to her, like the deputy minister of education, Benjamin Levin, now behind bars for child pornography and pedophilia related crimes.  Not quite the sort of curriculum developer for sexual education that most parents would approve of.  The content of the gender identity theory suggests that whether you are male or female is unrelated to your anatomy and is just an imagined "social construct", so you can chose what you want to be. This is a theory for which there is no scientific basis whatsoever. My opinion is that teaching this sort of unsubstantiated theory and the consequences that it gives rise to, is child abuse, an opinion shared by the American Pediatric Society.  As a physician with close to sixty years experience I have no doubt that the treatment some of these children is criminal abuse and I am distress that there are some of my colleagues who are so indoctrinated as to facilitate such pseudoscience.  They truly fall into the category that the great George Bernard Shaw described as "pseudo-scientific simpletons". 
   A Swedish study revealed that ten to fifteen years after sexual reassignment surgery the suicide rate was twenty times that of their peers.

   Grade 6- age eleven, seems designed to encourage masturbation, something for which most folks didn't need much encouragement.

   Grade 7- age twelve.
Devoted to teaching about anal intercourse, oral sex and general sexual pleasures!

   Grade 8- age thirteen.
Children are instructed in making a personal sexual plan.
 There is no discussion of love or marriage.

   If you are at all interested in this topic and in knowing what action responsible parents are taking, go to:  We are allowing the liberal government to do great damage to normal children.

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