Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Snake-oil Salesmen. "Quack-quack!"

Snake-oil salesmen (or should I say salespersons ?) continue to thrive in the twenty-first century. It looks to me as though they are more prolific than ever. False claims and false or misleading advertising are greatly facilitated by the internet with its wide dissemination and relative anonymity. In the last week I have had several such communications in my email. Take the one below, for instance:

You will no longer be diabetic, 14 days from now...
Doctors are STUNNED that a new $47 diabetes treatment works so well at lowering blood sugar, controlling insulin, and even helping you drop pounds of fat.
They say this should be -medically impossible"... (sic)
Especially since there are no insulin injections or prescription drugs required.
Theyre even more OUTRAGED that in a just-published report involving thousands of diabetics...
Virtually every participant claimed a dramatic improvement in their diabetes symptoms within 14 days.
Check here to see the inexpensive diabetes treatment thats making some of Americas most highly trained doctors look like fools.
That link will take you to a special video report detailing exactly what this $47 medical protocol is...
And will even show you the specific steps you need to take if you want to try this bizarre diabetes treatment for yourself.
Doctors Baffled By This $47 Diabetes Treatment:

   I tried to follow the trail to find out what this miraculous cure could be and I found that someone calling himself Dr. David Pearson has a downloadable eBook called  Diabetes Free that you can buy on line for $37.  Any attempt to find out more about Dr. Pearson is difficult if not impossible, made even more frustrating by the fact that his name is not uncommon and that there are numerous entries that are not likely this individual.  I couldn't even verify that he has any medical qualification.  Looks like a quack, but I'll keep on looking.

  And then there's the next one It starts off with the remarkable statement:
   "Your doctor is wrong, Alzheimer's can be reversed!"
    The reader is then directed to a video presented by the alleged husband of an Alzheimer's patient, who makes the claim that Alzheimers is "100% curable".  He himself, (not a physician or a scientist) decided he would have to research this matter himself because none of the physicians or specialists could cure it. It took him two years to come up with the cure! This is achieved by using 'natural products' that the diabolical drug companies want to keep secret so that it would not impact upon their profits.  His remedy, he informs us, was supported by an eminent specialist who didn't want to be named.  He wanders on at great length about combinations of food that reverse Altzheimer's and that totally reversed his wife's disease.  The money grubbing doctors and pharmaceutical companies do everything in their power to keep this cure from the public.  Their only interest is in the fortune they are making from the disease. On and on it goes, anecdotal fairy-tales, one after the other, without a grain of proof
   The bottom line? You can buy the book,"Alzheimer's Defense Program" only $67, regularly $199. 

  I have a few more snake-oil stories to tell you.  If you have any to tell me, I would be glad to share them with my readers!   


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