Friday, 24 March 2017

Marijuana! Keep the dopes doped!

   Keep the dopes doped or How to get your doctor to prescribe Marijuana!
   Someone mentioned to me the other day that there is now a whole category of youtube presentations teaching the dopeheads how to get a nice legitimate marijuana medical card.  He even mentioned to me that there were several generated right here, in the second biggest London in the world!
   Slightly skeptically, I fired up my old desk top to take a look. I type in "cannabis prescription cards -Canada".  I got three thousand hits!  Now, they weren't all Canadian and they weren't all dealing with medical prescription cards, but a lot were.  There were numerous tutorials about how to find and  manipulate dumb or crooked physicians into providing a certificate.  A few, very few, dealt with how to get a medical card for someone who actually has a medical condition that could benefit from pot.  Most of them didn't even pretend there was a medical issue.  There were some interesting titles, like "How to get your medical marijuana card in five minutes", or "How I got my medical marijuana card without leaving my couch!"  Then there was "Getting a medical marijuana card - tips  and tricks", presented by a young woman who was obviously a little stoned and "Getting my weed card," by a man who had such pressured speech and was so excited that I have little doubt that he was manic. (This was the London guy!)   A few presenters were so stoned as to be unintelligible. There was one presenter who spoke very clearly with measured words and, under the circumstances, relatively good advice. I suspect he was a paid tout for a cannabis company.
   Just in case you decide you would like a med marij card so that you can indulge legally, the steps are relatively simple.
        1.Call your family doc and ask to be referred to a cannabis clinic.  (If think you have a real problem then you could ask you regular physician if they could prescribe it.  Personally, I never prescribed cannabis because I believe it to very rarely to be the drug of choice for anything. 
        2. Even if your doc won't refer you the clinics will but will require you to see one of their docs.  You will need some documentation such as a drivers license or passport and your medical history.
(One advisor suggested just by-passing your doc and taking to the secretary and requesting a copy of your medical records. "They are your records, they have to give them to you!")
        3. Go to the Cannabis clinic, their doctor will see you and have you fill in a questionnaire and talk to you for a few minutes.  
        4. Pay their fee.
        5. Voila! Get your card. 
Feel free to comment on this scandalous state of affairs that our government promotes.   

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