Sunday, 5 March 2017

A sick woman with a sick agenda.

 The Liberal Government of the Province of Ontario
believe that the sexual  education of the children of this  province should be determined by them regardless of the opinion of parents.  Fortunately, the Canadian Family Alliance (CFA) had the guts to initiate a program to stop the radical sex education of children.  For more information about this outrageous sex ed program promoted and pushed through by the amoral disturbed premier of this province you should go to to gain some insight into the devious attempt to influence how children think about sex and sexual  issues.  There is obviously an progressive attempt to engineer children into sharing Ms Wynne's views.
   Children as young as six are having 'genitalia' instruction and by eight are being taught 'Gender Identity Theory'. Whether you are a boy or a girl is unrelated to your physical anatomy.  Being a boy or a girl is just an "imagined social construct", you can choose what you want to be.  After that masturbation education and by age of twelve, anal intercourse, oral sex and sexual pleasure are dealt with.  At the advanced age of  thirteen, children are encouraged to make a personal sexual plan.
   By the way, the man under whose direction this curriculum was written, the former Deputy Education Minister Benjamin Levin is behind bars for - yes, you guessed correctly - CHILD PORNOGRAPHY AND PEDOPHILIA -RELATED CRIMES.
   Ms Wynne and her satraps have already destroyed the economy of this once economic engine of Canada,
are we now going to sit by while she destroys our youth?

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