Thursday, 26 January 2017

Euthanasia, Put 'em down and save money!

   Canadians now have the right to demand euthanasia.  Theoretically, at least, we should all be delighted.  Canada continues to struggle to support what is at best, a second rate health care system.  Mainly, the bureaucrats in charge tell us, because we can't afford anything better.  They never mention the large sums drained out of the system to support the health care elites, who contribute little to  health care, but who have to protect their image by earning at least as much as their counterparts in  the business world.  That is understandable, because they consider medicine to be a business and nothing more.  As long as they can sell their product and retain their job, they consider themselves successful.  But health care is not like any other job but unfortunately most of the  folks don't realize that until they find  themselves in  a situation in which they require urgent health care.  The minor  cases slip by, usually with minor inconvenience.  The critical  care issues are dealt with effectively because the skilled physicians and nurses and others are available to deal with acute life threatening issues.  The optics of not being able to do  that would be too demoralizing to a developed country like Canada, which once had a health care system that the world envied.  There is an increasing awareness both at home and abroad that the Canadian system is crumbling, enough for some of  the administridiots and their political masters to realize that they do need to do something to protect their image and career.  More money has to be freed up to improve the image of the health care system and in Ontario, due to the incredible mismanagement of the province there is no government money available and the hubris of the elites requires at least some appearance of action.  So, what could  be better than to recover and redirect the very considerable resources being 'wasted' on the incurably ill and dying. Surely it would be much more effective to just put them out of their misery and suffering by terminating them?  The only acceptable alternative would be to provide some skilled, professional palliative terminal care, because that can very often make make the difference between comfortable dying and unacceptable suffering.  But, to do that requires skilled caregivers and considerable resources, so why not just provide a painless termination.  End of life care in Canada is not good and would  require investment of resources and money to improve it.  Estimated as saving between $34,000,000 and $138,000,000, encouraging the old folks to 'euthanase' could be a big money saver for the health care system and those savings could be directed at a more activist voting group.  I'll leave where it might be directed to your imagination.  Unfortunately, I have a pretty good  idea where it might go.
   A very high proportion of Canadians die in hospital.  Inappropriate heroic attempts or resusitative measures in the elderly or even the terminally ill are the norm in this litiginous society, only to keep the patient alive for a repeat performance or perhaps several repeat performances before finally expiring.
  In another gentler, more caring era, elderly family opted to die at home.  The family doctor was truly a family doctor and made house calls as often as necessary and the district nurse visited as often as necessary to help with any medical necessities. 

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