Sunday, 17 July 2016

Canadian Health Care dictatorship. Pt 2. The two tiered system.

        I am proud of the fact that during fifty – five years of practice I always extended what I considered professional courtesy and went that extra mile for patients who were professionals in health care, whether Doctor or Nurse and for family and friends. This may or may not include fee waivers.  Certainly if the fees were being paid by  an insurance company or paying agency, it did not. Like many physicians, I feel I gave all my patients excellent care, that I was generous of my time and efforts. If I wanted to go just a little further for a friend or colleague I did just that. I certainly didn’t allow any Orwellian administridiot to dictate my action.  This is still an almost free country although there are those who will infringe upon our rights if Canadians do not stand on guard. Interestingly,over the years and particularly when I worked in a university hospital setting, I found the same administridiots and their political masters actually expected and occasionally demanded special treatment.  Those same people, who have a two tiered system for themselves (listen to the senators whining) will do everything in their power to prevent the general population from buying what those taxpayers are coerced to buy for them.  Of course we do have a two tiered system in Canada, we just pretend that we don't.  When Senators Duffy and Wallin were suspended for cheating on their generous expense allowances their loudest whine was that they might loose their health care allowance and be subject to the same vicissitudes as the Canadians they are supposed to serve.  
   Enough of this hypocrisy, it's time to let Canadians do what they want with their money, even if they want to spend it on health care!  This would invest private money into the health care system and increase resources to everyone's benefit.  Of course, this would at least partially remove the monopoly in health care from the politicians and their satraps.  Loss of monopoly means some loss of power and no one wants that.
   I frequently raise these issues with folks who have no professional relationship with the health care system and most Canadians don't realize that our health care system is rapidly deteriorating and don't have much interest unless they themselves or a member of their family need it.  Then they often have quite a lot to say!
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