Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Blogging and freedom of speech.

  Both my kids, hardened Health Care Professionals, assure me that I have at least two dedicated followers of my blog. I respond that having a brother and sister and an occasional read by a niece or  nephew brings that up to at least half a dozen. 
  The famous author E.M.Forster answered the question as to why he wrote, with this question: "How do I know what I think, until I see what I say?"   I made that same observation many years ago.  I often had to write and read my presentations over carefully to know what I really thought about something.  There they are, your views in black and white, not just for you to see, but for the whole world to scrutinize and not just for today, but potentially forever.  Should you ever become famous or infamous while alive or posthumously, there's no denying what you thought at the time. You can't claim to have misspoken,or been misinterpreted or to be taken out of context.
  On another note, there are so many areas in which one would have loved to know the views of departed family and friends, that one could have attached to the genealogy trees, in order to have brought a little life to those dead records. In fact, I would like to go on record now and direct any and all real or manque family genealogists to attach a link to my blog/blogs whenever or wherever I appear.. 
   There are other great advantages of writing a blog that apply particularly to the retired and semi-retired.  One is the great sense of fulfillment one gets from enlightening the public with the benefits of your knowledge, wisdom and experience gathered over a lifetime, particularly that which contradicts the politically correct view of the week.   Indeed, if you take it seriously enough and publish on a regular time schedule, you can actually generate an anxiety level that allows you to function like an almost normal human being.  Furthermore, if you are sufficiently motivated to buy a book with a title like "How to make $100,000 a year blogging!' you can really delude yourself into believing you are starting a whole new (profitable) career.
   Selecting material suitable for blogging is excellent brain exercise and stimulates one to comb medical journals, newspapers and magazines for topics worth dissecting.  It is also cheaper than subscribing to one of the brain exercising programs.  (If you want to read about my experiences with that you will find it in an earlier blog).
   Another great advantage, is that one can deal with topics that even the mention of which would marginalize a modern academic today, notwithstanding the fact that philosophers only a century ago would dedicate their whole careers to studying the topic. And not least, one can actually ignore the dictates of modern academic ignorance. 
   Finally, if you have a problem sleeping, lying there in  bed trying to think up a good blog topic for tomorrow's blog will usually put you to sleep just as you are on the brink of coming up with something brilliant!

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