Thursday, 23 June 2016

Despots & Dictators in Health Care.

Vanessa Burkoski is a nurse, here in London Ontario, who had the temerity to speak out about changes in the health system that put patients across Ontario in harms way.   She was a chief nurse and an advisor to three provincial ministers of health, and she spoke out against practices that she believed would put patients at risk. The results, she was fired.  But by all reports, not before Murray Glendining, the CEO of London Health Sciences, tried to buy her off.  She refused to be bought off and go quietly, so she was fired.  Let's give you that again.  MURRAY GLENDINING, THE CEO OF LONDON HEALTH SCIENCES CENTRE FIRED A CHIEF NURSE WITH AN OUTSTANDING RECORD BECAUSE SHE REPORTED ON DEFICIENCIES ADMINISTRATORS WERE INTRODUCING INTO THE SYSTEM THAT SHE BELIEVES WILL HURT PATIENTS!!  I thought that was her job! 

   So, who do you think should be fired?

Here is the letter that this administridiot had the unmitigated gall and brazen effrontery to write to try to justify his action:


   LHSC_ExecOffice Broadcast
  (LHSC_ExecOffice Broadcast) 06/20/16 > As many of you will by now have read in the media, Vanessa Burkoski is no longer with LHSC. We are committed to maintaining confidentiality and therefore do not discuss personnel matters relating to current or former employees. As a result, in circumstances such as this, we are unable to provide staff with further context.      
  I do feel compelled to address the comments made in the media questioning LHSC?s commitment to safety. I would like to convey
to you, on behalf of the entire senior leadership team, that staff and patient safety has been - and remains - an overriding priority at LHSC and this commitment is unwavering. Allegations to the contrary are completely inaccurate and disappointing. Much excellent work has been achieved over the past few years by all of you to strengthen quality, safety and the patient experience at LHSC even when facing significant funding challenges. Our continued focus is to build on the strong work of the past several years at LHSC, by achieving the goals of our 2016 - 2018 Transitional Plan, which specifically aims to further enhance quality, safety and the patient experience through implementation of robust and standardized planning and performance tracking processes over the next two years. An additional element of the Transitional Plan is strengthened communications processes. Our goal is to engage each of you more routinely, to recognize the great work you do, to hear and address your ideas and concerns,
and to ensure you understand LHSC?s goals, how they align with
our mission, and how you can contribute to them.  We will soon announce a new organizational leadership structure designed to help achieve the goals of the Transitional Plan and to further build upon the strong standards in place today for our nursing
and allied health professionals.  We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience in this time of transition.  Sincerely,  Murray Glendining

President and Chief Executive Officer
London Health Sciences Centre

  Burkoski spoke to The Free Press about what she says happened — she says she was called into Glendining’s office June 8 to discuss the report produced by RNAO, (Registered Nurses Association of Ontario) called Mind the Safety Gap. Essentially, this dealt with laying off nurses and replacing others with lesser qualified, lesser paid nursing assistants.

   Burkoski said, she refused to resign with a cash settlement.
“After three requests for my gracious exit, they asked me if I understood what a termination meant in terms of (my) reputation,” she said.
Glendining fired her and then circulated the letter quoted above.

The Registered Nurses Association of Ontario says the chief executive of London’s largest hospital sacked its chief nurse because she was the public face of a report critical of hospitals. Here’s a summary of the report:

“In an effort to cut costs, health organizations across the province are replacing registered nurses with less qualified care providers . . . the RN share of the nursing work force has dropped significantly in recent years. This has left Ontario’s health system unprepared to meet rising levels of acuity in hospitals and in the community, and put the safety of Ontarians at risk.”
So much for transparency in health care. It is encouraging that this woman had the fortitude to stick by her principles and not let the administridiots bribe their way out of this.
Unfortunately, I don't know many physicians who would respond as courageously.
Let me know what you think.

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