Monday, 4 April 2016

The Neonates won't Complain!


     Let me start by pointing out the state of the Canadian Health Care system, using a report that the Department of Health has quoted itself: 

"With regards to international comparison, the 2014 Commonwealth Fund report on the health system performance of 11 countries ranked Canada 10th overall, indicated particularly low scores in quality, safety, access, timeliness, efficiency and equity.17 "
Commonwealth Fund, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: How the Performance of the US Health Care System Compares
Internationally, 2014 Update.  Note the broad range of care in which we are at the bottom of the heap.

 St. Joseph's Health Care in Hamilton is one of the premier health care centres in Canada, and is associated with McMaster Medical School.   Recently, a nurse I know told me that the institution had decided to replace some of the  highly specialized registered nurses (RN) of the level 2 pediatric intensive care unit (NICU) with far lesser trained registered practical nurses (RPN).  At first I  thought she must be mistaken because, if cuts have to be made, it is obvious to me that this is the last place the government should be cutting back.  She was completely correct.  Unfortunately, today many of the most important medical and nursing decisions are made by administrators who are neither physicians nor nurses, or if they are they are so out of touch with practice, that they are the least competent people to make such decisions.  

   While we spend without complaint,whatever is deemed necessary to scrape late term viable babies out of the womb       ( not dissimilar to dumping a new-born into a bucket of water),  and many other politically correct adventures, it seems we resent spending what it costs to preserve the most frail specimens of our species.   We have no trouble diverting funds to the care of inadequately screened foreign refugees, but cannot afford to care for the products of our own reproductive activities. The politicians and administridiots we have allowed to take over the Health Care Industry are reluctant to provide adequate care for those human beings who survive the perilous journey from womb to our indifferent world.   Shame on them and shame on us for our silence in the name of political correctness.  The decline continues.   After all, the politicians recognize that the neonates don't have a vote, so who can blame them!

Unfortunately, most Canadians don't seem to care either.

    We will end up with the Health Care System we deserve, but don't worry, the neonates won't complain.  

Any views on this topic?





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