Sunday, 24 April 2016

O Cannabis,eh?

   Plans to legalize marijuana in the spring of 2017 were announced by Canada's health minister at the UN recently. "We will introduce legislation that ensures we will keep marijuana out of the hands of children and profits out of the hands of criminals" said Jane Philpott in a speech that was certainly prepared by the administridiots who think they know more about health care and drug abuse than the professionals.  I feel tempted to send them a copy of a mug my niece gave me that says "Please don't confuse your google search with my medical degree."  Unfortunately it's too late, they already do that.  I previously shared a blog with you informing you that 'medical' pot use has already increased ten-fold among Canadian veterans, at a cost to the government (us) of over twelve million dollars.  When the new laws come into effect that will be just a drop in the ocean.  However, I am sure the government will manage to keep the results of their legislation quiet until after the next election in the hope that their changes will win votes.
   Canada has a major problem with drug abuse that we keep as low key as possible, while we point our finger south.  We have a major lack of resources in treating those patients who do seek health care and are not just drug seeking.  Some of those patients can be helped.  Enablement is likely to win more votes.
   Since legalizing pot Colorado has had a forty-four percent increase in traffic accidents and hospital visits re cannabis are up a significant thirty percent.  Twelve percent of Coloradans recently admitted to using marijuana in the previous thirty days.
   Meanwhile, Obama is drastically reducing sentences of major narcotics dealers and releasing them onto the street.  It is not unlikely Trudeau will follow suit. 
   The decline continues.
Do you have any opinions on this?

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