Saturday, 16 April 2016

A 'mess of pottage', or for those who don't understand, is the whole country going to pot?

  Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a 'mess of pottage'.  Most folks understand that, but for those of you who don't  get it, the biblical  phrase has come to mean trading the valuable things in life for something that brings only temporary gratification.  
   Canada is in the process of doing exactly that in a number of ways, but the phrase is particularly fitting now that we are trading our birthright for a 'mess of pot'.  
   The headline in the Financial Post today, was as follows;
    "Medical Pot facing distributor turf war,"  
   That sounds to me much more like a Chicago daily's description of what's going on in Mobland than a respected newspaper's report on what is happening regarding 'medical' marijuana.  The term 'medical' in front of the marijuana, explains the mindset of those hoping to make their fortune in the legitimized 'drug business', by making a highly questionable enterprise respectable. Politicians, administridiots and others are licking their lips at the profits from a legalized, well taxed drug dealership.  Make it respectable and civil servants, administrators and politicians can make a fortune out of it - and come out smelling like a rose.  Heros like Bill Clinton, Obama and Trudeau can make their drug escapades look innocent and harmless and endear themselves to hundreds of thousands of druggy voters, who are simply following in the footsteps of their leaders.  
   Increasing pressure on physicians to prescribe 'medical marijuana' for a variety of real and phony complaints will ultimately result in a process of attrition where many overworked and over-stressed physicians will succumb to the patients' demands.  Somehow, everyone will manage to overlook the dangers of dope for a generation or two  The era of the demanding, google informed patient who thinks his google search is equivalent to his physician's MD degree is just beginning. 
   Aldous Huxley knew exactly what he was doing in 'Brave New World', when he dosed the whole population with Soma and Sex and kept the population appropriately docile and subservient.
   I wonder if Justin Trudeau ever read the book?

If you are interested in pursuing such ideas further, let me know. Otherwise I'll move on to something more comfortable!

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