Thursday, 10 September 2015

Poor pieces of Flesh!

             Foreign buyers are flocking to Canada to find surrogate mothers now that Asian countries have cracked down on this practice.  These narcissistic folks are using Canadian Health Care resources to satisfy their desires and their longing for immortality and for the most part are not interested in offering a good life to some baby waiting to be evacuated out of  the womb I see their mission as a purely selfish  one, which I resent subsidizing with my health care dollars.   I  would be surprised if most Canadians didn't share my views.   Canadian surrogates should not be covered by medicare and if the practice is allowed at all, should be paid for  by the people buying  the babies.  Many developed countries ban surrogacy outright.  Surrogacy, catering as it does to the whims of the purchaser may take an ugly and immoral  turn.   Recently a Nova Scotia woman who was 'commissioned' to have a child for an  overseas couple found herself carrying triplets.  Although she wanted to carry all three, the 'would-be' parents insisted one of  the fetuses be killed off.  The woman was told that the couple could cut off expense payments if she insisted on keeping all the babies.  The surrogate agreed to  one of the fetuses being killed off.  One of the two remaining fetuses died too.   Apparently, the remaining baby is surviving its hazardous intrauterine journey for the moment.  If it does one has to wonder about the environment into which the poor thing will be born.    If Canada's medical ethicists and other self professed protectors of patient health don't have something to say about this, they certainly are not doing their jobs.                                                        

                                      Perhaps  they just don't understand it. 


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