Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Cookbook Medicine.

           The World Health Organization which would like to portray itself as the ultimate authority in defining what is ideal medical care often leaves much to be desired in  its recommendations on how to treat or prevent illness, according to a study by Dr. Gordon Guyatt.of McMaster University.    It appears that the WHO recommendations, often referred to as guidelines, are put together in  much the same manner as cookbook recipes.  They are often based on weak evidence resulting in  less than optimal care.  Dr. Guyatt's study concluded that 73 of 289 strong recommendations were based on low quality evidence and warranted only conditional recommendations.
        " Historically, WHO recommendations have been extremely untrustworthy and not evidence-based," said Dr. Guyatt.  Evidence based medicine requires that high quality studies are the basis of such recommendations
          Looks like the UN is no better in many of its medical recommendations than in its political ones!!

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