Friday, 19 December 2014

The Medical Dog and Pony Show!.

       I just happened to walk by my  television  set and see a section of one of those sensational and often misinforming medical shows.  So I stopped for a moment to listen and watch the ex fashion model and now expert on all things medical, perform.  I caught the end of a section on sunblockers which was essentially the same old boring stuff dressed up a little in scientific terminology and was just about to walk on and go about my business when Act II started.   This was a thirty-ish woman who told the interviewer that she had recently been misdiagnosed with multiple sclerosis by a physician and mentioned he had done an MRI, as close to a definitive test for MS as there is.  The lady decided she was not going to take any treatment as she didn't think that she had MS.
     "So did you get a second opinion?" asked  Carol. "Everyone should do  that if  they have any doubts."
     "I did," said Pt.
     "And how  did that work out?"
     "I didn't agree with that doctor, either!"
      "So did you get another opinion?"
      "Yes," said the pt." I got several more, and it wasn't until the TWELFTH that I found a doctor who knew what she was doing!"
      "Oh, tell me about that."
       "Well, she got me to keep a food  diary for a week and then after she  studied it she was able to tell  me what was wrong!"
        " And?"
         "It was gluten allergy and I stopped  eating gluten and now I'm better!"
          Gluten is responsible for everything these days, everybody has it.   Strange.   In fifty-four years of medical practice I might have seen a dozen or so cases.  It's certainly the flavour of the  week these days.
           Multiple sclerosis exacerbates and remits and its course can be extremely variable.  Nowadays  there is effective treatment to prevent exacerbation and at least delay  the progression of the disease.  This woman  may indeed have had a total remission but I very much doubt that it has anything to do with her  gluten free diet.  I  hope she is not missing a treatment opportunity.     Maybe she needs one more consultation!

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