Tuesday, 9 September 2014

ADHD - The new miracle cure!!

             There have been a few studies recently that indicate that exercise has a beneficial effect on ADHD kids.  Now, fancy that!!   It was estimated in 2011 that 11% of American kids have ADHD,  and 6.1% of all children were taking medication such stimulants.  Fifty-five years of  general practice have convinced me that a high proportion of these  kids are normal, very energetic healthy kids.  Of course sitting in  school all day after an evening spent playing computer games and watching TV would  make for restless, fidgety kids who are easily bored by the classroom routine.  They won't or can't sit still and become a distraction  to the rest of the class and a thorn in the side of the  teacher.  Some doctors and others started noticing that if some sort of regular physical activities are introduced a significant improvement occurs in many of them often resulting in a reduction in their medication and sometimes complete withdrawal. In a randomized controlled group, attention and mood were found to be better in exercise groups than in sedentary groups and this applied to groups considered as normal as well to the ADHD group. Some classroom programs have been devised to achieve this goal.  One of the results was that schools that adopted the exercise program had a 33% decline in ADHD medications used by its students.
              The bottom line, lets try giving the kids a little more exercise and less drugs.  I  suspect they'll do better.
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