Friday, 9 May 2014

Gone to Pot!

I resent "Medicine" being manipulated by anyone, whether it's the government, Big Pharma, or any aspect of what is so appropriately termed 'The Health Care Industry' itself. The latest piece of social engineering is to plan to 'legalize' marijuana as a bone fide medical treatment,knowing full well that once this happens it will be freely available in much the same way as booze or cigarettes. (Indeed, it will not elicit the same witch hunt that cigs do today) Smoking pot, incidentally, may be quite as harmful as tobacco to the lungs, apart from its better known effects. I don't know of any medicinal uses of marijuana that cannot be as well served by medications now on the market. So, if society wants to legalize pot, let them do so without putting honest physicians in an impossible situation. The few unscrupulous ones will find a goldmine, one way or another. 

Of interest, a previous Minister for Health of this province has now entered the marijuana growing business.
At least he is now more appropriately placed than he was previously.  Or does he think he is promoting health?
The social implications of this remains to be seen, but there will be consequences. And remember, the pot today isn't the pot you smoked in College!
By the way, last week I had a letter from a company advising me of the various strengths they have available and asking would I like to register with them!

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