Monday, 21 April 2014

Don't go to work in Your Pyjamas

                 Interesting article in one of our National Newspapers recently by a Nurse of some thirty years experience commending a trend apparently coming out of the Maritimes suggesting that nurses should look like nurses (i.e. be appropriately uniformed and clearly distinguishable). Patients prefer to easily recognize the professionals who are treating them and not ask the cleaning staff for medical advice. In the hospital environment white uniforms clearly show up dirt and stains which may be potential sources of infection. Nurses should not look as though they are coming to work in their pyjamas.
When I was a Department Chair many years ago, I had a departmental dress code in place so that many of the crunchy granola types of the era had to look clean, reasonably groomed and look as though they could just possibly be doctors, some day. Patient expectations demanded no less.
I'm told I could never get away with that now!
Ah well, just consider me a grumpy old man!!

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  1. I would hope that a good number of folks read this because of it holds a basic truth. Dress standards have relaxed over the past decades but when one is in a work situation and outsiders encounter you, dress does play a role in their immediate judgement of you, be you a clerk, a waiter in a restaurant, a teacher, a lawyer in court or in a nurse or doctor. Casual clothing does not lessen ones competence of course, but it does have an influence on the impression and or confidence they may have in you. When a someone comes into ones hospital room and they are dressed in white they appear to be a medical professional. Don`t care what Doctors or Nurses believe it is what patients see. That gives them confidence ... in you.