Sunday, 19 March 2017

Health care priorities in Canada.

Former Guantanamo prisoner has 19-hour surgery in Canada 

Washington Post. Associated Press.

This was a recent headline in the Washington Post.
   In a country where citizens are suffering  (and sometimes dying) on obscenely lengthy waiting lists  Khadr, who sustained a shoulder injury in the process of a confessed involvement in the murdering of a U.S. Army Medic was allowed to usurp services in a declining, second rate, health care system that hard working Canadians have worked for and paid for all their lives. The nineteen hour surgery cost many thousands and deprived people with life threatening conditions. It is an embarrassment that this man was allowed to retain Canadian citizenship and to come back to Canada and an outrage that Canadians are forced to pay for non life threatening and non emergency surgery resulting from his crimes.  We desperately need some sane guidelines as to where our grossly inadequate health care resources should be spent. 
   His lawyer said, "it would be great for him to get in to Medicine of some sort! 
Personally, I think Law would be a more suitable sort of profession for him!

   Because most of my acquaintances are well aware that I spent a lifetime in medical practice, (no matter how hard I try to conceal the fact ), they frequently bring their health care system problems to me and many of them are truly unconscionable.   I am horrified at the indifference of the administridiots and others to their suffering and their preoccupation with political correctness.  This is at the expense of social justice to Canadians who have contributed all their lives to make the system work and to have appropriate care when  they are ill or disabled.  It is very nice to be generous and charitable to everyone, but the old trope about charity beginning at home contains more than a grain of truth.     Unfortunately, until an individual or a member of their immediate family is affected, most people don't give it a thought.  Someone awaiting an MRI for a potentially serious condition should not have to wait while Khadr and his ilk are getting Cadillac health care.  I have worked in the Corrections Canada system and the same rules apply there.
   Decent hardworking law-abiding citizens do deserve preference in the handing out of health care resources than convicted criminals.  Sounds like common sense to me.  Political correctness be damned!

   Time for Canucks to wake up!! 

It's hard to  believe the world is so full of snowflakes that no one will have a comment to make on this.


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