Sunday, 17 July 2016

Canadian Health Care Dictatorship and its Orwellian Administrators.

   Sometimes even I am surprised at the level to which the administridiots and their masters will sink to in dealing with the doctors and nurses who make the remaining standards which we maintain in health care, possible.  Here is a headline in the National Post, a newspaper I normally respect:
   "Covert monitoring reveals medical care's dirty secret - Only half wash hands thoroughly enough, study finds."  
   The study then goes on to announce how they recruited medical students to secretly spy on the physicians and nurses they work with.  Based on the information which the informers, given the dignified title of 'auditors' provided to the study authors, they went on to conclude just half of the nurses and doctors at a major Toronto Hospital wash their hands adequately.   I don't know how the auditors were selected.   I presume the students were given some guidelines as to what comprised adequate hand washing, but I would question the accuracy of students secretly monitoring those they are supposed to  be working with,under their very eyes.  
   The 'facilities' are considering installing electronic devices,continued the report.  At least this is more honest and more honourable than convincing  medical students to sneak on colleagues.  I honestly believe that it would have been impossible to convince a medical student in my day to do that.  But that was in the days before 1984!  Even Orwell wouldn't be able to believe 2016! 
If you have any views on these topics, share them!

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