Saturday, 4 October 2014

Sexting - again!


              Just in case you were starting to think that maybe, after all, a bit of sexting, although indiscreet is no great harm, especially if it's just some kids having a naughty bit of fun, let me bring you up to  date.

Reading my daily newspaper, which  is a luxury I allow myself now that I am retired, I came across this macabre tale.    It started at a house party in  Halifax in 2011.  A young girl was photographed leaning out of a window vomiting, while a boy was having sex with her from behind.  A friend of the boy took a picture of the act.  The picture was widely circulated among the students of the high school that the girl  and both  the boys attended.  In  the picture, in which both the girl and boy are naked from the waist down, the fornicator is smiling at the  camera and giving the thumbs-up sign.  A year and a half later the girl, aged seventeen, killed herself by hanging.   The photographer, now aged twenty was found guilty of making child pornography and will be sentenced In November.  The boy in the picture will be going on trial in November.

             One life lost and two changed forever.

             So much for the fun of sexting.

            Even more bizarre, in Grandville Michigan a picture showing a high school student, described as being too graphic to show on the Fox News has been widely  distributed on the internet.The posts prompted an investigation by the Wyoming Police.  Apparently, this female student was giving a guy a blow job outside his car while  several students watched on and took photos to sext to everyone they knew!

             School Officials assured the Press that it didn't happen on school property!!

             Time to get the legislation into order to try to curtail this malignant sexting practice. 


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