Saturday, 20 September 2014

Smarter than the Dr?

A little old foreign lady (I can use those words, being both old and foreign myself) came into my office a few months ago.. She was in her eighties and in pretty good shape.
"Why am I on these Pradaxa pills?" she asked
"You have an irregular heartbeat and the pills are to thin your blood to prevent you having a stroke."
"I know all that, but people on these pills bleed to death and I read that their effects can't be reversed like Warfarin can be with vitamin K! Why nobody even checks my blood every month like when I was on Warfarin"
"You don't have to have the blood checks with Pradaxa."
"Why they can't reverse Pradaxa?"
"They don't know how," I answered.
"Then they shouldn't be selling them until they do!"
Smart little old lady!!

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