Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sexting - The consequences!

              "British police caution teen girl for sexting"  recent headline in the National  Post.

         The teenager sent her naked image via her cell phone and because she was  under the  age of eighteen had therefore distributed an indecent image of a child.  Her boyfriend, with whom she had a row forwarded the photographs to others.  He too was cautioned.  This practice has become commonplace.  These youngsters may think  this is great fun, but the consequences may be serious, in many  ways..  In some cases it can result in the youngsters finding their way onto the sex offenders register.
           Besides being illegal, what now seems to the immature as 'great fun' may have very significant consequences years later.  Information spreads like wild-fire on the internet and is permanent. Already data - miners are selling information on potential employees and others that may well  come back to haunt individuals later.
          Other more dangerous consequences such bullying, blackmail, enticement and suicide occur.  One only has to scan the news to find  frequent stories, some very amusing and some disastrous.
           As this becomes more accepted, younger and younger children are joining in the 'fun'.
           Parents need to become more aware of this and take appropriate action.
           Sexting is not a harmless activity, it has consequences.  Sometimes grave.
           There are many examples of deliberate attempts to embarrass,intimidate and harm individuals, particularly after a break up, usually by a boy-friend by sending naked photos to a porn web-site.   This is known as revenge porn and often has severe consequences.

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