Wednesday, 28 May 2014

There's pain and PAIN!

Pain Relief.
               A colleague of mine, in the health care 'Industry' recently told me this interesting story.  A relative of her's had recently pulled a hangnail and it had become infected.  She went to see her family doc and was appropriately prescribed an antibiotic.  This was  on a Friday and on Saturday morning  it was throbbing and painful.    Her Family doc was not available so she went in to a walk-in clinic to have it checked and to get something for the pain.  She was a little surprised when she got a prescription for SIXTY oxycodone -acetamin tablets, a potent narcotic.
             She show them to  her health professional  relative who recommended that she not fill them and to take Tylenol regular for the pain.  It worked well.
              This sort of  prescribing does nothing to help ameliorate drug abuse.
                Incidentally, the culture which was taken at the initial visit came back positive for yeast and was treated successfully with an old fashioned but effective treatment Gentian Violet, which long preceded the antibiotic era.

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